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    Petersfield Adult boxes from 1-Nov-2019 to 30-Nov-2019

    Matches to be played on or before 30-Nov-2019. 13 days remaining. Matches played: 13.

    Contact Neil.stubbs@ntlworld.com with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

    Box 1

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    Simon WardSharmila McCartneyAdam TitherNeil StubbsRichard Saulet Points 
    1Simon Ward10122 3 9
    2Sharmila McCartney1051113 9
    3Adam Tither1146 3  5
    4Neil Stubbs86301  3
    5Richard Saulet1125    0

    Box 2

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    Peter LambournJohn BenningtonJohn CornellPaddy MayPaul Bridgeman Points 
    6Peter Lambourn9083   5
    7John Bennington7641   2
    8John Cornell1032    0
    9Paddy May722    0
    10Paul Bridgeman615    0

    Box 3

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    contact details
    Bruce RamsayStuart SinclairAndy RoyPaul BundeyChris Driver Points 
    11Bruce Ramsay764133 12
    12Stuart Sinclair7953   5
    13Andy Roy7952   3
    14Paul Bundey5580   1
    15Chris Driver *849    0

    Box 4

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    contact details
    Isaac OruWayne ProctorSimon StarlingMark De La HayeTom CallowayJohn Wigram Points 
    16Isaac Oru7503    6
    17Wayne Proctor4410    1
    18Simon Starling703     0
    19Mark De La Haye835     0
    20Tom Calloway363     0
    21John Wigram480     0

    Box 5

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    contact details
    Iain SwannBen RichardsJames BaldwinJulian ChunJessica Warman Points 
    22Iain Swann383  3 6
    23Ben Richards501 3  5
    24James Baldwin459 1  2
    25Julian Chun1830   1
    26Jessica Warman *480    0

    Box 6

    PositionName Level Log in for
    contact details
    Jesus PiedraGordon McKinnellGordon OsbornSam BibbyGuy OsborneJames Robbins Points 
    27Jesus Piedra32933   12
    28Gordon McKinnell1600    1
    29Gordon Osborn1540    1
    30Sam Bibby89     0
    31Guy Osborne101     0
    32James Robbins139     0

    If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

    Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

     14Adrian Cornwell 1183
     32Ben Booth 290
     33William Jenner 264
     33Ian Oates 502
     33Mark Spinney 1017
     33John Warnants 616
     33Marc Pepp 128
     33Ben White 780
     33Stephen Weston 458

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