Events played - James Peach, since 12-Jun-2018

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    Weighting determines how much effect each result from that event affects a player's ranking.
    If sanctioned, playing in this event enables players to be listed in the premium rankings.

    Event Matches  Last match date  Level range  Weighting  Sanctioned
    South Wales Spring 2019165213-May-2019299 - 22286 
    PSA Welsh Open2311-May-201910448 - 28815 
    PSA Uct Open363-May-2019563 - 23943 
    Keith Grainger Memorial UCT Squash Open 2019 Championships (PSA)330-Apr-201911001 - 24070 
    PSA Johannesburg Open4526-Apr-2019417 - 23600 
    West Rand PSA Open (Closed Satellite)211-Apr-20196318 - 15801 
    Surrey Winter League 2018/19380023-Mar-2019321 - 35582 
    PSA Odense Open222-Feb-20197437 - 23125 
    South Wales Winter 2018166313-Dec-2018377 - 22670 
    PSA Grimsby Cleethorpes Open238-Dec-20186641 - 20908 
    BUCS Individual Championships 20184452-Dec-201887 - 35165